How your generosity is transforming lives in Uganda.

February 17, 2020 | Written by Nate Huntley

Lifeworkx is one of our strategic partner organizations. It is a life transformative self-discovery experience that is all about how each person builds and impacts the Kingdom of God in a way only they can. 

Here’s how God is using our financial partnership with Lifeworkx to make a impact in Uganda.

I am the Executive Global Director of Lifeworkx, a position I honestly did not think I would ever be in.

I came to know this ministry as a recently recovered drug dealer and addict, having served a few years’ time for drug related crimes due to a decade of intense use and abuse. Being a small-town kid from a rural farming community in western Colorado, I could never have imagined getting to travel the world helping others discover how much God loves them and how big His plans are for them.

After six years with Lifeworkx I met a young man in Uganda called Ronald that in some ways has a similar story as mine. Not one of drug use, but the abandonment of family. He grew up being cared for by his grandmother in a village of 200 people, all widows, single mothers and HIV+ infected women and their children. No men lived in this place as they had abandoned the village in search of work, never to return. Ronald made a vow that he would help people wherever and however he could to understand their value to God and activate them to stop the cycles of poverty, helplessness, abuses, and despair that plague his homeland. At 23 years old, he stated his own non-profit, orphanage, and training center.

He reached out to Lifeworkx in 2016 to come hold a conference with 146 pastors and church leaders from around the nation of Uganda to help them experience and capture the vision of life transformation through self-discovery and spiritual renewal, to take it back to their churches and see a movement ignited.

Pulpit Rock Church graciously funded scholarships for the attending pastors to cover their travel, food and lodging for the conference as the majority are poor rural leaders.

We had no idea what God was going to do from that initial conference! Word quickly spread about how impacted these pastors were that we received an invitation to come back in 2017, this time to a crowd of 428 pastors and church leaders! Once more, Pulpit Rock Church helped fund scholarships for those attending.

It became apparent that God had started a movement of healing and hope that was bigger than our team of Americans. So in 2018 we held a Lifeworkx Trainer Certification for past attendees of these events that had been traveling around Uganda preaching and teaching what they had learned to schools, churches, and the local government! That certification event launched an indigenous Lifeworkx team of 30 trainers. Amazing!

2019 marked an even bigger milestone in the relationship: again with the financial help of Pulpit Rock Church, we held a special training to certify some of our Uganda trainers to become Lifeworkx Master trainers, giving them the tools and blessing to go and hold their own trainer certification on their own and effectively making them a self-replicating and expanding team.

To date, Lifeworkx Uganda has 20 Master Trainers, 42 Certified Trainers, and has an impact footprint of walking 30,000 people through this process of life transformative self-discovery, not only church leaders, but orphans, teachers, government official’s business leaders, and more. My friend Ronald is now the Uganda National Director of Lifeworkx, and he is seeing his dream of a transformed nation come true.

Without the financial help of Pulpit Rock, none of this might have happened, yet because of PRC, my only church home, the nation of Uganda is seeing transformative awakening by the tens of thousands in only four short years.

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