From New Orleans With Love

July 13, 2015 | Written by PRC Staff

A few words from Taylor Whitmarsh…NO_pizza

Yesterday was our first full day here in New Orleans.

Near the evening they told us to get in the car not knowing what we were doing. It ended up we were going to go prepare and serve pizza at a homeless shelter. It ended up being very fun.

When some other guys were finishing up and we were not really doing anything we went to see a church service they were having. It was pretty cool to see all the homeless guys getting real excited about the worship and sermon.

Then we served the pizza. [I didn’t get to because I was rolling pizza dough]

But overall I thought it was a pretty cool and meaningful evening [and it was a lot of fun!]

A few words from Rachel Scott…NO_building

Today we went to the WWII Museum here in New Orleans.

First, we saw a 4D show about the entire timeline of the war. The loud noises scared most of us, but you can’t blame us. It all felt so real!

Then, we split up into groups and looked at the different exhibits. Some of the things there were artifacts and others were pictures, recordings, and videos too. Some of the pictures were sad, some were happy.

Anyway, after the exhibits, we went to the gift shop and bought some souvenirs, a.k.a. memories. It was so much fun!

A few words from Kate Wallick…NO_truck

Today I am going to tell you about our trip to the Katrina Museum!

Of course compared to the weather from where we live is a huge difference.

So we walk in and there is a awesome ceiling of glass hands and glasses as in cups. So after we were signed in we walked around the Museum and we saw a lot of pictures of what the damage Katrina caused. Then we walked around more and we watched many clips but one was on the people who survived the Katrina Hurricane. It was quite interesting.

Then when we were driving our driver, Mike, he told us that the blue pipes is where the water level was at and the red pipes are where the houses level was. He also told us that the rescue squad signed it with spray paint if they checked the house already.

Now we had a lot of deaths in the Katrina hurricane but many came out alive and New Orleans is recovering and they are a new city. New Orleans is clean and is mostly built but the United States of America came over to New Orleans to help rebuild.

Keep praying for changed hearts and changed lives. Watch this week for more posts from our students in New Orleans and NYC.


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