Easter and the New Normal

April 7, 2020 | Written by Becky Giovagnoni

So. Easter is this week. Despite the pandemic, celebrating Christ’s death and resurrection are still on the agenda.

That said, we are going to have to change things up a bit this year. Because that’s life right now.

There’s been a lot of adjustment for everyone over the past few weeks. And while you might be a little bit sad that we cannot celebrate Easter weekend together in person (we are!), we encourage you to embrace the new.

Don’t just “settle” for less, but truly dive in. Prepare your heart and mind ahead of time.

Because what we are celebrating is the same, regardless of how we celebrate. And this year, if you let it, all the new might mean you experience Easter weekend in a completely new and supernaturally powerful way.

Open yourself to the unexpected. Invite God to surprise you.

And we promise … this Easter will be one to remember.

Good Friday

Service at 6:00 PM via livestream

To prepare:

  • Set a “quiet mood” for this service. Maybe turn off a few lights … light some candles. Create a space for reflection on the significance of this day.
  • Get food and drink for communion. We’ll be doing that during the service.
  • We will be ending the service in silence so we encourage you to not “rush” back into your phones, movies, or whatever “normal” looks like.
  • Have some discussion with your family about what Jesus did for us on the cross. If you have kids, let them ask questions or ask them questions to start conversation.


Service at 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM via livestream

To prepare:

  • Gather together … maybe dress up or at least differently than just the “normal wear.” (Maybe wear your fancy PJ’s.)
  • Get paper to take notes on during sermon for later discussions as a family or with friends.
  • Start listening to the songs Resurrecting and Living Hope to become familiar with the closing songs for the service.
  • Our Generations team is hosting virtual interactive family event. After watching the service together, check out Easter Jam for some family fun. (Make sure to stop by the church sometime this week to pick up your supply kit or gather your own supplies.)

This Easter will look and feel different, but what if we received that as an invitation into something deeper … something new?

This story of the last week of Jesus’ life, it’s your story too. And it’s not only our future hope, its our present refuge.


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