Showing God’s Love Through Hospitality

May 15, 2024

“We’re meeting some friends, could you tell us how to get to the balcony?” “It’s our first time here and we’re wondering what you have available for our kids.” “I’ve never been to church before. I drive by here every day and figured I should check you guys out.” “I’m new in town, been to … Read more

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ChristLike: Zacchaeus

June 19, 2022

Love demonstrated just absolutely recklessly in the face of deepest vulnerability.

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ChristLike: SENT

June 12, 2022

June 12, 2022 It is no use walking anywhere to preach unless our walking is our preaching. – Francis of Assisi

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ChristLike: Jesus in the Temple

June 5, 2022

Jesus is committed to his own growth, development, and learning.

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