A Six-Year Project Completed!

July 1, 2021 | Written by Hannah Unger

Over the years, Pulpit Rock has partnered with Springs Rescue Mission to support their campus expansion project through Christmas and Easter Offerings.

In 2016, we got to celebrate the completion of the first phase of the expansion – a new Shelter with over 400 beds and a Day Center with resources like showers, health services, housing and work agencies.

In 2019, Kyle Collins and Thomas Thompson got to participate in the groundbreaking for phase two of the expansion – a new Dining Facility with seating for 200 and a Welcome Center with lockers and pet kennels.

And now, Pulpit Rock, all phases have been completed, and we get to celebrate the opening of the Welcome Center! 

Here’s a thank you from Jack Briggs, President & CEO of Springs Rescue Mission:

We also wanted to give you a quick tour of the new campus, and show the impact of your generosity…

Springs Rescue Mission’s focus goes beyond just providing shelter. Their goal is to provide the resources needed to overcome homelessness, poverty, and addiction – what a privilege to be able to partner with them in that mission!

The completion of this six-year expansion project enables Springs Rescue Mission to more effectively continue the amazing work they are doing to serve the vulnerable in our city!

It will allow them to better provide for the needs of their clients, as well as increase the services and resources offered. The expansion also substantially increases bed capacity, and will allow Springs Rescue Mission to serve hundreds more meals per day.

Thank you, church, for participating in what God is doing in Colorado Springs.

By supporting projects like this one, you are loving the vulnerable in our city and making a Kingdom impact!

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