Last Sunday in PRiSM we celebrated and remembered the sacrifice of Jesus by taking communion as a youth group. As we planned for this special time, there were a few things I wanted to make sure the students grasped.

We are a part of this greater body of Christ.

A misperception that we have been purposefully trying to move the needle on is that our youth group (PRISM) is completely separate from the rest of what goes on here at Pulpit Rock. With our own programs, building, trips, and teaching it would be easy for students to see our youth group that way.

But we are a part of something greater – this incredible body of believers that we call Pulpit Rock Church. And it¹s important to the PRiSM staff that we take every opportunity we can to remind our students of that. So for this communion service, we asked Pastor Thomas to let us play a short video of him sharing his excitement that we would be sharing in communion while the rest of the church body was doing the same in the main service.

We have a place at the Lord¹s Table.

Teenagers face the fear of not fitting in or not finding their place almost daily. There are always things you must do, or not do. People you have to convince or approvals you have to gain. But not in the family of Christ. Jesus makes in-crowds almost laughable. At His table, all are welcome. To sit at His table is a relief. A break from the pressure to perform. A deep breath of fresh air. A spot is reserved for each of us and we don¹t have to bring a thing to the table to earn that spot.

Our Heavenly Father wants to connect with us intimately.

Jesus could have used anything to illustrate remembering his sacrifice. But he chose to use food and drink. What a connection to humanity. Having someone eat with you at your table is a powerful expression of your relationship with them. Throughout the gospels, Jesus is sharing a meal with someone A LOT. He¹s either going to a meal, at a meal, or coming from a meal. This must have been important to him. This must be something he is wanting us to catch on to.

So we shared this special time together as an entire youth group.


As a family.

As a part of something greater.

In a place we all belong.

With a God who loves and pursues us in intimate ways.

Written by Suzy Bates, Student Ministries Pastor

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