Last night I was invited to visit the Wednesday night small groups for PRiSM56, Pulpit Rock’s student programming for 5th and 6th graders.

I have two elementary-age children. I thought I knew what high energy meant.
I was mistaken.

I spoke to the students about what I do at Pulpit Rock as the Director of Communications. One of the things I talked about was the web site. 

And I told them we wanted more about PRiSM56 on our blog. So we took a few photos…

Here’s a little video to give you an idea of what it’s like in there…

PRiSM56 is a beautiful program, where caring adults intentionally enter into the crazy world of tweenagers who are just beginning to step into their identity, self-worth, interests, passions and self-awareness.

As a mom of a daughter who will soon be entering the pre-teen world, nothing makes my heart happier than knowing that PRiSM56 is waiting for her.

PRiSM56, you were wonderful. Thanks for being you!

Written by Becky Giovagnoni

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