Worship at Pulpit Rock

Worship is simply giving God His breath back.
~Louie Giglio

Sunday mornings at Pulpit Rock is a special time for our faith community to gather and spend some intentional time worshiping God for who He is and what He’s doing in our lives.

Our services create space that welcomes all of us to come as we are…some come eager, open and ready while others arrive cautiously…bearing pain, loss, and grief too fresh or too deep. All are welcomed and all of who we are is welcomed. Together we worship in thankfulness as well as petition Him on behalf of ourselves and others.

We have chosen to approach worship leadership in a different manner than the traditional one-person worship pastor. We believe in the diversity represented in each of the five different voices that lead our community from week to week. Each leader is gifted in his/her own right and ultimately challenges and encourages our people to respond to God in truth and spirit. We use this same approach with the various pastors who teach each Sunday. At Pulpit Rock you will find various voices delivering the message of Jesus…not just one.

You will find through our song worship, congregational readings, our giving, communion, the prayer wall, candles stations, we offer various creative ways to express oneself in adoration and obedience during our time together.

Come join us. There is always a space for you!