What do you want to know about God?

January 7, 2020 | Written by Becky Giovagnoni

At Pulpit Rock we talk often about the value of asking questions. We believe that questions are an important part of a person’s spiritual journey.

This month in The Grove our elementary kids (K-4th grade) are focusing on knowledge, specifically the idea that Knowing God is the most important thing.

This past Sunday, as a part of the worship time, Haley Tuggle encouraged kids to ask questions as we learn about God this month and invited them to write down their responses to the question “What do you want to know about God?”

As is usually the case with kids, we got a huge range of questions from deep and thoughtful to playful and hilarious.

So here’s what your kids want to ask God: 

When will you come back to earth?
I want to know how God made animals.
Why does water move?
How did God make earth and space in nothing with no supplies?
How was God created?
I want to know how God made the world.
I want to know how God is always with us.
I love unicorns.
How did God make us?
Why did God choose Mary?
I want to know why they followed the star.
What does God do?
Are Jesus and God the same person? If they are how can we be on earth and wherever he lives at the same time?
How is God the same person as Jesus?
I want to know how God can move a mountain.
Do you know everything?
I wonder how God made water.
What do you look like?
What is your middle and last name?
What are the things you are good at?
How is God a person in heaven?
Is God one soul or many?
How old are you?
Why did you want to save us?
Is God loving?
Is God eternal?
Can God die?
Can God change lives?
Can God know stuff?
Who would we be if God didn’t make us?
What year was God born in?
Does the Lord make everyone?
Is Jesus or God our savior?
What is heaven like?
How did you make the world?
What do you look like?
Who made God?
Am I in charge of myself or is God in charge of me?

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