The Holy Spirit is at Work

April 19, 2022 | Written by Brian Plaisted

Over spring break, six families (11 adults and 12 kids) from Pulpit Rock and other churches in Colorado Springs went to Boquillas, Mexico to work alongside our Mexican brothers and sisters to share the good news of Jesus.

This included 3 days of Vacation Bible School (VBS), a basketball sports camp for boys, a carnival for kids, youth ministry events, as well as events for both men and women. The Holy Spirit was at work in many lives.

Over 90 kids attended VBS and Sports Camp. During VBS, kids from ages 3 to 12 did crafts and other activities and learned that Jesus loved them and had died for them. During sports camp, boys from 7-12 learned the fundamentals of basketball and heard testimonies from the teenagers leading the camp. Approximately 30 kids indicated they wanted to commit their lives to Jesus during VBS and Sports camp!

Deb and Erin Ahnfeldt helped facilitate three youth events in conjunction with two local youth leader couples. Over 40 youth attended the bonfire event on the Loma (a nearby hill) on Wednesday night and were challenged by one of the local leaders to support each other as many battle with depression. Pray for Carlos, Jessica, Jose and Gabi as they continue to invest in the lives of these young people.

The men’s and women’s events were well attended. But even more important than attendance, was the work of the Holy Spirit as men and women, Mexicans and Americans, shared openly and honestly about the issues in their lives. You could sense the Holy Spirit moving, knitting hearts together and beginning the healing process for some deep wounds.

On Friday night, Sheryl Garcia had all the men in attendance (nearly 15) stand at the front of the group. Behind them stood their wives or mothers, and then the Colorado Group stood behind them as Donato Garcia prayed over them. When they first began coming to Boquillas 25 years ago, there was only 1 or 2 men in the church. Through the work of the Holy Spirit, that number has grown significantly!

Please continue to pray for the Holy Spirit’s work in the church in Boquillas!

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Led and Loved by “the least of these”

We “do” the basketball camp, youth gatherings, and painting knowing we’re doing it for Jesus. Under the stars the last night, I looked at Juan, sitting in the glow of that fire, and realized that maybe in the midst of us thinking we’re doing something for them, for “the least of these,” they’re actually doing something for us.


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