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January 10, 2023 | Written by Luke Wrobleski

As I look back at the previous year, I struggle to find words strong enough to convey all the great things the LYN team (that’s you!) has done this year. There are so many intangible things you give to kids and people. Those intangible things can be hard to quantify.


  • 317 beds delivered in 2022 (917 total)
  • LYN Promo video completed 41 individual build days in the woodshop Roughly 1,500 volunteer hours
  • Fathers Arise – wood-shop in Uganda is flourishing
  • Pikes Peak Academy woodworking/ mentorship classes continue to build relationships with students
  • New Love Your Neighbor website
  • Set up as a DBA under Pulpit Rock Church so we can operate as our own nonprofit We are setting up a second woodshop at Mountain Springs Church – operational Feb 2023

Because of your time and generosity, everything listed above is pretty impressive. And, without you and your desire to serve others none of this would have happened. But, I think that all of the tangible things pale in comparison to the bigger impact of the Love Your Neighbor team.

  • The big and lasting smiles as a kid climbs into bed
  • The 9 year old girl who gets her first lesson on how to put sheets on because she has never slept in a bed before
  • The friends that give their time in the evenings after work building beds together
  • The 3 year old in his Spiderman pajamas who can’t wait for you to put the sheets on before he jumps in his new toddler bed and pretends to sleep The look of pride on a kids face as they help us drive screws and assemble their bed
  • The overwhelmingly thankful 73 year old woman as we get rid of her 20 year old mattress to give her a new one along with a new set of sheets The father teaching his daughter to use the drill as they work on bed pieces in the woodshop
  • The atmosphere in the woodshop when the saws and sanders are running as volunteers work to make sure kids have a place to sleep
  • Hearing from a foster mom that her kids have memorized the brand we put on every mattress support slat
    The joy on the mother’s face as we delivered hot chocolate and homemade treats for her family along with her son’s new bed

I could go on and on, but I’ll stop there before I completely break down. Because of your love, your generosity, your support, your physical work and your caring heart there are so many kids that lay down every night feeling SEEN, KNOWN, and LOVED.

Many thanks and appreciation – Luke Wrobleski

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