Thank You for Serving!

October 18, 2023 | Written by COSILoveYou

A few ago 2,000 volunteers served across the Pikes Peak region as a part of our Fall CityServe weekend! Volunteers loved our city through simple tasks like pulling weeds, cleaning, making cards of encouragement, picking up trash, painting, and more. Throughout the weekend, volunteers provided over 5,500 hours of volunteer labor and over $173,000 of monetary impact to our city. We are so grateful for everyone who came to serve as we partnered with the city to promote the flourishing of our community!

While CityServe is a fun way to get out into the community, our hope is that volunteers would feel compelled by the mission of a local organization and consider how they can continue to serve! Our city needs committed and faithful volunteers year-round and there is an open invitation from local nonprofits, organizations and schools! If you need help getting plugged into a local opportunity to serve, please email

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