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February 24, 2015 | Written by

Recently I was sick. Really sick. Like can’t-get-out-of-bed sick. I couldn’t do much of anything for myself.

While I was laying there, I was surprised to receive a text message from my 10-year-old son that said:

I hope you feel better. Do you need anything?

I was touched by his concern (even if it was balanced with his desire to stay far out of the “germ zone.”) It made me think of all of the moments through his 10 years that I had taken care of him when he was sick. And now that he was a little older, he was trying to return the favor.

In that moment, even though my body was feeling awful, my heart as a father was happy! Even though he is only 10, my son understands this basic principle:

Families take care of each other.

That is true of “spiritual families” too.

At Pulpit Rock, we recognize that we are all part of the family of God. And that means that as family, we take care of each other.

Spiritual care is not just something that the pastor does. It is something that we all do. At Pulpit Rock we want care to happen in every small group and in every relationship in our church.

Just like with physical sickness, we all have spiritual moments where we need to depend on those around us. We all need encouragement, listening and care to make it through life.

Our goal as a staff is to equip the family of God to provide that care. We do this in 3 ways:


Small Groups

This is the best way to form meaningful, caring friendship.

Find a group.



One-on-One Care

We have a team of people trained (using the Stephen Ministry training) and ready to meet with you on an ongoing basis. If you find yourself in a difficult season of life, connect with someone from our One-on-One Care Team.

Contact us to take the next step.



Short Term Care

We are launching a team that can serve on Sunday morning and provide prayer and a listening ear to people who have a need before or after our worship services. This is a new team that we hope to launch this Spring.

Find out more.


Families take care of each other. I’m so thankful for our family at Pulpit Rock. I’m praying that you will connect with people who can care for you, and that you will take care of someone else in the family.

Written by Jonathan Cleveland, Executive Pastor


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