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October 28, 2015 | Written by

Ladies and Genlemen … your Executive Pastor.

We shared with you last week that in a couple weeks, Jonathan begins a three month sabbatical (from November 16 – February 13.) This will be an extended time of rest, travel and study. We wanted to answer a few questions that you might have.

With everything that happened to our building, why is he taking a sabbatical now?

There is never a good time to take a sabbatical. In fact, the very word is has it’s roots in the concept of “sabbath,” something which God commands, and therefore the enemy opposes.

Oh, and also the dates of his sabbatical were on the calendar long before Roof-pocalypse 2015 began.

Since Jonathan’s not available, who do I call?

Ghostbusters! Seriously, though, we have a full staff of people ready to help you.

Nursery: Sarah Tinan
Elementary: Katie Beth Huntley
Students: Suzy Bates
Adults/Small Groups: Scott Custer
Missions: Kyle Collins
Building/Maintenance: Luke Wrobleski
General: Becky Giovagnoni

How can I be praying for Jonathan?

Thank you for asking. Our goal in sending Jonathan on sabbatical is that it would be a time of rest, renewal and recharge for him. Join us in praying:

  • That he will truly be able to unplug and disconnect, especially in light of recent events.
  • That he is able to experience real Sabbath to hear from God, restore his soul, and remain fresh.
  • That he manages his time off in a way that will allow him to be excited to return.

If I see Jonathan at the grocery store or movie theater, should I pretend he’s invisible?

No. In fact, go give him a big, huge bear hug. And then talk to him about his family or football or Crossfit or whatever. Just not church.


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5 thoughts on “So You Might Be Wondering…”

  1. Hooray for your sabbatical! We have always liked your teaching and ministry at PRC.
    Now enjoy some refreshing time for yourself and your family.. We continue to pray
    for you and your family. We will miss you.
    We love you.
    Bob & Phyllis Lewis

  2. So happy for you and your family. During our 3 years at Pulpit Rock we have loved your teaching. Christine and I will continue our prayers for you, Becky and the kids. We will miss you, and celebrate this time you get to yourself. God Bless!
    Chris and Christine

  3. Great news about this sabbatical. Few people realize the 24/7 pressures and expectations on ministerial staff and the importance of pulling away at times. I’ll be praying this is a time of rest and reflection and then a return with a continued Christ centered ministry.


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