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The BIBLE is filled with re words… words like redemption, renew, repent, restore, reconciliation, reform and all of those words are about returning something to its original intended state.

Some of our thinking about the bible needs that same sort “re” work, as imperfect followers of Jesus we are constantly working to understand God and his Word better, we will make mistakes along the way and so we need humility to constantly be at work reforming and reassessing our hearts and understanding to more closely reflect Jesus.

The ReBible podcast is a place to walk that out together as a community of faith, as we explain, explore and reflect on these ideas together.


ReBible: Ep 6 - Jesus is the Center of the Story, Not Us

In this episode Kyle, Cindy and Christy talk about how Jesus is at the center of the bible and holds the whole narrative of scripture together. They explore how Jesus interpreted and re-framed scripture for us in light of Himself, giving us new understanding and context.

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