Practicing In Home Discipleship

March 20, 2020 | Written by Caitlin Garrett

Our world has been turned upside down in the past week or so. Things that would have previously seemed like scenes from a movie are now constantly looping on our televisions and feeds.

While these times are like nothing we’ve been a part of before and we have very little control over the return to normalcy, there ARE some things we can tap into to help our minds and hearts.

Pulpit Rock is always looking for ways to help you journey with God and this strange time is no exception.

We want to equip you with material and content that you can use individually, as a couple or with your entire family.

For several years we have purchased a subscription for everyone that attends Pulpit Rock for Right Now Media. This website has thousands of videos of studies, documentaries, kids programming, and more that can be accessed online or through the Right Now Media app.

You can find out more or immediately sign up for an account on your phone by texting RIGHTNOW PRCCS to 41411.

Without a doubt, this pandemic is a disruption to each of our lives.

We can allow this disruption to throw us into a tailspin of fear, anxiety, lethargy, etc. or we can reframe this disruption as a bittersweet blessing. We can ask our God to use this time to bring refreshment and renewal.

Instead of fighting this disruption we have no control over, ask him to use it to minister to your heart and further you along on your journey.

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