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The story of God can be found in the stories of His people.

Spiritual Care at Pulpit Rock

At Pulpit Rock, we recognize that we are all part of the family of God. And that means that as family, we take care of each other. Spiritual care is not just something that the pastor does. It is something that we all do. At Pulpit Rock we want care to happen in every small group and in every relationship in our church.

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One Life at a Time

Well, Pulpit Rock family, you’ve done it again … blown us away with your generous and sacrificial hearts.
We seriously love you.

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Because I Said So!

Giving our child the reason why we are expecting good behavior will help him follow through because he will see the bigger picture. If we continually demand obedience without explanation, our child will be doing the “right” action but his “heart” may not be obeying because he does not fully understand.

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Now THAT Calls for a Party!

Did your child accept Christ this year? Yes?! Well, then. Clearly that calls for celebration. When a child has a birthday party to celebrate the day he was born, it is a day of rejoicing. He is reminded of your love and acceptance of him. At Pulpit Rock, we believe is important to also celebrate the day your child is born…

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Notice anything new?

So you may have noticed a few changes around here. We’ve got some new digs and we’re pretty excited about it! So here’s your official welcome. Take some time and look around. Get to know the new site. Make yourselves at home. We plan on posting lots of good stuff here so we do hope you’ll be back to visit…

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Dear God

After our talk on Sunday, we thought this video would raise some interesting questions…

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