Overnight Camp Elim

July 5, 2023 | Written by Danny Shaw

Overnight Camp

The first week of June was a bit of a blur! We had the opportunity to bring a handful of incoming 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders to overnight camp at Camp Elim in Woodland Park, CO. Camp Elim is just 45 minutes away from Colorado Springs, but in many ways, it’s a whole different world. At camp, our campers were able to spend a week in an entirely different environment. They spent a week away from TVs, siblings, practices, and responsibilities.

As they got more space in their day, they got to spend time learning how much God loves them and how He saved them. There’s something really special about breaking away from our normal patterns and allowing the Holy Spirit to work. Just imagine waking up and having the space for quiet time every morning.

At quiet time, the kids get to choose a tree and spend 20 minutes digging into God’s Word, praying, and starting their day in the same quiet place. Then, throughout the day, they have time for two Bible study sessions, learning even more about how much God loves them. Also, each day, they get to do fun activities with their cabin group to grow their communication and problem-solving skills. Our campers also got the chance to go canoeing, zip-lining, obstacle coursing, and much more! The days were full but so fun and rich!

Although the weather at the start of the summer tried to slow down our fun, it did not succeed! We had a blast! Four out of five nights, the weather cleared enough for us to end our day out in God’s creation, sitting around a large campfire. There is something about staring at a campfire that calms campers’ hearts and focuses their minds on what’s being sung and said.

We sang and worshipped God, got to hear from many others about the difference God makes in their lives, and then fell asleep to get ready for the next day full of adventure. Camp changes lives, and I can’t wait to bring a bigger crew next summer!

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