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December 4, 2018 | Written by

Here’s what we know:

  • Colorado Springs has over 100,000 Veterans that are registered with the VA, so potentially more if you factor in the small percentage that are not registered.
  • We have 5 active military bases consisting of close to 35,000 Active Duty Service Members. Now keep in mind that most of those folks have families.
  • With the current population of Colorado Springs being 460,000 that puts about a quarter (if not more) of the population affiliated with the Military in some way.

That being said, here is what we also know:

  • Approximately 22 Veterans commit suicide every day. (This is not an accurate statistic as the two largest Veteran States (CA and TX) do not report their Veteran suicides.) So we’re looking at even more than we know on paper.
  • Ft. Carson has also been dealing with a string of suicides among Active Duty Soldiers returning from combat.
  • We have even lost folks within our own congregation to this devastating epidemic.
  • The average divorce rate in the Military is 80% (90% on average among Combat Veterans).

The list of devastating statistics goes on concerning our Nation’s Warriors.

Do I have your attention now?

What does this mean for Pulpit Rock Church?

The good news is that we have a ripe opportunity for ministry right here in our own back yard. More than once in the Bible (Leviticus, Matthew, Mark) God calls us to “love our neighbor as ourselves” which is only second to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your mind and with all your soul.” That’s a big responsibility but what an exciting opportunity.

We have a community of men and women who consciously made the choice to serve at one point who are hurting and need to experience Christ’s love. We are God’s Ambassadors to those who are living in our community either permanently or temporarily.

At Pulpit Rock Church, we want to not only love on our Military community, but be a launch pad for Ministers that are regularly sent to other parts of the nation, world and even conflicted areas plagued by war and lacking access to the Good News of Jesus Christ. Utilizing our permanent Military Presence (Veterans, Retirees, Guard and Reserve) we can disciple, prepare and commission our transient Military Presence (Active Duty). Here is the realization that dropped my jaw to the floor: we have an opportunity to utilize the Military to send missionaries all over the world by activating those who have served into Christ’s Army.

This is a group of people who have embraced the Warrior Culture and are willing and able to charge head first — or have charged head first — to the front lines of battle. Imagine how fearlessly they will charge into the front lines of spiritual battle. We have a battle raging right here in our neighborhoods, schools, churches and workplaces. If we are to charge head first into battle with the enemy, wouldn’t you want one of these warriors by your side?

If you are Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, Veteran or Retired, we just want to say thank you for everything you have sacrificed to defend our freedom. We remember this every day as we pray in public and declare God’s name out loud without fear of persecution. In recognition of that, please join us for lunch after second service on December 9 in Room 101 to enjoy fellowship with the Pulpit Rock Military Family. A delicious catered lunch will be provided and we will discuss the future of Military Ministry at Pulpit Rock Church as well as share some resources that are immediately available.

Again, thank you for your service and for being Christ’s Ambassador to the world.

Written by Jonny Benton

Want to join for the lunch? RSVP: https://pulpitrock.com/military


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