New Old Traditions

November 10, 2020 | Written by Janae Collins

Growing up, my favorite family tradition was pumpkin carving. So when we had kids, there was no question that we would implement this tradition (regardless of how much my husband can’t stand the messy part of it).

After a few years of watching this event happen at Pulpit, we were so excited to finally take part in it with kids who were old enough to enjoy it. Anything with toddlers these days takes twice the time and energy, so having this event set up for us to spend time together as a family was such a gift.

We easily found seats, found friends, enjoyed a (few) donuts and got to work without having to worry about the house getting dirty.

Our favorite part by far was the hayride. This was such a creative and unexpected addition that added to our night. Our daughter is obsessed with lights and rides and was in her own little heaven. And our son kept telling everyone on the ride that “this was so much fun!”

We’re already looking forward to next year and letting this become a new family tradition for our littles as they grow up. I always did this with my family, but it was so much richer to participate in this alongside other families from our church!

Thank you to our amazing staff for putting on another awesome family event!

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