“My Neighbor, My Friend”

February 8, 2023 | Written by Rowland Smith

Living Sent:

Meet Rey & Lydia Reyes. They are part of the Pulpit Rock community and have attended both the Living Sent class at PRC a year ago, and more recently, were part of the Imagine Missional Cohort that met at CityHub along with three other churches. These two learning communities they attended have really set their hearts on fire for their neighborhood!

Recently, Lydia sent us some examples of things they are doing to curate a loving community in the place they live. She has started a monthly newsletter that is distributed with door hangers. She also has an annual calendar worked out of outreach ideas, some based on holidays or events. She also made a map of her neighborhood and labeled each building and home along with the names of the families that are there. They’ve even launched a Facebook Group called “My Neighbor, My Friend” where she shares ideas and stories of reaching out to your neighbors. Be sure to find the Facebook page and become a member. As well, My Neighbor, My Friend is the newest member of The Pando Collective, the micro-church network that was launched here at PRC in 2021.

Monthly Newsletter

This kind of kingdom presence in the places we live, work, and play is what Jesus called each of us to in John 20:21, when he said, “As the Father sent me, so I am sending you.” Rey and Lydia are living as “everyday missionaries”, sent in an intentional way. They are such a good example to us as a church community!

If you would like to have someone walk alongside you in dreaming about a ministry idea, launching a kingdom effort, or just living more intentionally in the place you live, work, and play, contact Rowland Smith at rsmith@pulpitrock.com. We’d love to help, or connect you with Lydia!

There are new Living Sent groups starting, as well as Pando Collective gatherings that you can be a part of! Visit www.thepandocollective.com and fill out the connection form to keep up with Pando gatherings and classes.

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