It’s Just a Phase … Don’t Miss It

May 27, 2015 | Written by

sunset-hair“It’s just a phase … so don’t miss it!”
This is my new favorite phrase when it comes to parenting. The idea is that our kids go through a lot of different phases of development. And each phase has it’s unique challenges that sometimes make us want to rush past that phase.

              Babies – don’t sleep through the night

              Toddlers – can’t sit still in restaurants

              2nd Graders – require a lot of help with homework

              And on and on …

And if we aren’t careful as a parent we will miss the amazing opportunity God has given us to love our kids in each phase because we are trying to rush past the challenges of that phase.

In a similar way, churches (and their ministries) go through phases too. Some of the phases of church life present challenges that sometimes we would rather rush past. But we also know that every phase of church life also presents opportunities for us to trust God and walk with him.

Our Children’s Ministry at Pulpit Rock is entering a new phase of transition. 

As a parent, I wanted to let you know what is happening, and invite you to walk with us and trust God with us as we try not to miss anything God has for us during this time. Here are a few updates about our staff and leadership.

Bonnie Aldrich

You probably are aware that Bonnie will be retiring and leaving her role as Children’s Pastor (after 22 years) this June. She has been a fixture of faithful leadership at Pulpit Rock, and this will be a huge transition for our ministry. We know that there will never be another Bonnie! But we also know that the ministry she has built is ready to be handed to new leaders who will also lead with faithfulness and creativity. June will close one chapter in the life of our church – but it will also begin a new chapter.

Children’s Pastor Search

We will begin this search during the ministry year (September-May). In the fall we will outline the process and begin constructing a profile of what we are looking for.

Other Staff Transitions

In addition to Bonnie, three other Children’s Ministry staff will be leaving their positions in June. All three have served our church faithfully and I’m truly thankful for the legacy they are leaving.

Our current Children’s Ministry Team

I am thrilled with the team that we have to lead this ministry.

              Caitlin Garrett – Director of Awana & Events

              Katie Beth Huntley – Elementary Director

              Sarah Tinan – Early Childhood Director (Just this week, Sarah has agreed to take the role that Amber is leaving at least for the summer. She will be an amazing addition to this team – please welcome her.)

              Molly Thompson – Family Ministry Administrative Support (This is a new full-time role for Molly. She will provide support for Children’s and Student Ministry.)

Children’s Ministry Strategic Team

Lastly, I wanted to let you know that we have just recently launched our Children’s Ministry Strategic Team. This is a group of volunteer leaders who have agreed to provide perspective and guidance to Children’s Ministry moving forward. There are some amazingly talented and wise people on this team, and
I’m thankful for their willingness to lead!

Transition is just a phase … so don’t miss it!

Obviously, this is a lot of transition for one area of ministry, but I have great confidence in the teams God has given us to navigate this transition. Looking at our staff and volunteers, I know the heart of this ministry will remain the same even if some of the leadership will be different.

How can you help us during this phase of transition? I’m glad you asked.

  1. Pray!
    We love our children, and our families at PRC. But God loves them even more than we do. Let’s invite him to lead us during this time.
  2. Volunteer
    Parents participating has always been a key to the success of Children’s ministry. I want to challenge you to get involved.
    –If you’ve never volunteered – commit to help on Sunday morning once a month.
    –If you already volunteer – pray about increasing your involvement (Do you serve once a month? Consider committing to twice a month.)
    –Do you know someone who would be great with our kids? Invite them to serve with you.
  3. Support
    Our staff and volunteers need your support and encouragement as they lead.

If you have any questions about any of these changes feel free to ask me, or any of our staff.

Written by Jonathan Cleveland, Executive Pastor


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