It’s a Pumpkin Party!

November 10, 2016 | Written by

Interview with Addy Yochum, age 10, regarding her thoughts and experiences at the Family Pumpkin Carving Party 2016.

Blogger: Thanks so much for taking time to sit down with us today, I know you have an incredibly busy schedule.

Addy Yochum: Sure, it’s no problem. My mom said I had to.

Blogger: Well then, can you please tell me a little bit about your experience at the Family Pumpkin Carving Party at Pulpit Rock this past Saturday? What was it like?

Addy Yochum: Well, there was really a lot to do, I didn’t even know where to start at first…there was a place to make little mummy pumpkins wrapped in streamers and a couple of power drills for poking holes and such into the pumpkins. There was also a huge painting table! I really just wanted to carve the one I brought though, so I did that.

Twin grins.

Blogger: Did everyone in your family bring pumpkins to carve?

Addy Yochum: Yes, my dad and brother and our friends came too. There were lots of people there; grandmas and grandpas too and even little babies dressed like pumpkins. One family even brought a whole wagon full of pumpkins. I heard someone say there were over 100 people so that’s really A LOT of pumpkin guts. It was cool because they cleaned everything up for us so it gave us more time to have fun, talk and be silly. I had lots of time left after carving so I decided to paint mine too. There sure were a lot of paint brushes flying around, let me tell ya!

Grant and the dangling eyeball.

Blogger: Oh, did a lot of kids do painting? What were some of your favorite pumpkins people created?

Addy Yochum: Yes! Lots of the little ones mixed their paints together and it was pretty cute watching them giggling and their mommies chasing them and telling them to not be so messy. Some of the older boys of course made gross stuff on theirs. Which is actually pretty cool looking, but don’t say I said that. Grant Cleveland made his look like the eyeball was falling out and that was funny.

Wowzers … that’s a roller!

A cool one a grown-up dad made had a twisting top that was the stem. Oh, and a couple boys brought HUGE pumpkins—like they were so big and heavy, they had to roll them to get them into the building! (She pauses…)

Do you also think you should ask me about for the food?

Blogger: Yes, how was the food?

Fall treats were in abundance.

Addy Yochum: Well all the families brought different snacks so it was a great big table full of different stuff. My mom says my favorite food group is sugar, so I was in heaven with all the goodies! That made it hard to decide to eat or carve first so I tried to do both at the same time. Oh and dance around and sing to the music. There was really a lot to do so I tried to be strategic and use my time well so I didn’t miss out on any of the fun parts.

Blogger: Well, it sounds like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing with us. Do you have anything else you’d like to add?

Addy Yochum: You’re welcome. Yes, I want to say thank you to all the grown-ups that cleaned up our huge mess and I want them to know how it’s lucky we get to be all together to carve pumpkins every year at our church. Oh, and the apple cider was quite tasty!

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