Introducing the Expressions Gallery

September 8, 2018 | Written by

As you walk through church this Sunday, keep your eyes up. We’ve got something super exciting in the works!

We’re calling it the Expressions Gallery.

The gallery is located in the hallway running the length of the sanctuary and the shows will vary both in themes and lengths of how long they are displayed. This first show will continue taking shape during the current sermon series we’re in over the next several weeks. The “expressions” displayed now are from a few of our young creatives that I’ve recently met as well as the “Liquid Art” created by our staff.

But as it takes shape, I wanted to give you a little insight to the idea behind our Expressions Gallery.

The key word in the title is Expressions. During my own creative journey I have come to understand when God made us in His image, He also made us with a desire to express.

Sometimes our expression takes the form of words…verbal and written.
Sometimes it’s our feelings, emotions, needs and dreams.
But in whatever form it takes … bottom line … we are born with a need to express.

We all know the experiences of life can rob us from doing just that. Our minds often tell us our feelings and emotions are not valid and the words cannot form because we believe no one will understand and we have nothing worthy of expressing. The heaviness of it all can often settle in the deepest part of who we are and manifest itself in the forms of depression, anxiety and panic attacks to mention just a few.

The invitation to creatively express becomes vital in finding freedom in our journeys. These opportunities help us to express what’s inside, to replace lies with truth both in words and images and to learn more about who we are and who God is to each of us. Hopefully the creative expression encourages and allows us to be a little more real in our journey.

This gallery, just like our church, will welcome all … the professional artist as well as the child who is discovering their creative language and everyone in-between.

Our goal is to have this be a place where people can express their hearts and minds along with beauty and color that can challenge all of us to “see” a little deeper.

Celebrate with me the courage, the time, the message and the person behind each expression when displayed. Often we say we are not artists or creative but can quickly become art critics if we’re not careful. We often can fall prey to judge what we do not understand. Not each piece might be a work that would displayed in your home, office or something you would purchase.

I challenge all of us to watch what God will do in this new language of expression He’s bringing our way. The creatives behind the work – no matter what age, skill level or talent – have something important to say to us.

Written by Cindy Limbrick

If you are interested in becoming part of our Expressions Community please contact Cindy.


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