In Which We Pursue Our Actual Selves

January 27, 2020 | Written by Janae Collins

Women of Pulpit Rock, we are planning something NEW for you!

In her book, You Are The Girl For The Job, Jess Connolly talks about our ideal selves. I’ve grown up chasing my ideal self so when Jess asks the reader to take a moment and think about her, it was easy for me to imagine me at my absolute best without doubt, fear, lack of belief, without limits or weaknesses. Because, you see, my reality isn’t ideal. It’s not bad by any means, it’s actually quite lovely in a lot of ways. But, I am constantly aware of women around me and their stories, their growth, and their relationships with people and the Lord. And, I’m exhausted in this season of parenting and working. I’m daily my worst critic and I too often live striving without contentment.

We live in a world that is trying so hard to balance growing into being the best versions of ourselves while maintaining authenticity in our day to day mundane lives.

Jess goes on to say that your ideal self is just not as good the actual you. And to that, I replied with grumbling because life would be a whole lot easier. But, it wouldn’t be worthwhile.

Because listen, “Ideal You, she’s not nearly as strong as Actual You. See, she doesn’t make mistakes, so she doesn’t have to rise up after falling down. She doesn’t have self-imposed or world -inflicted limits, so she doesn’t have to push past them in the name of Jesus. Fear isn’t on her radar, so Faith doesn’t have to be either…Your ideal self? She doesn’t have what it takes. She can’t love like you; she doesn’t have your failures or weaknesses to ground her in the grace of the gospel. She doesn’t have the hope that springs up in the darkest times, and she doesn’t know grace like you and I do. No one has to forgive her, so she doesn’t know how to receive grace, and because she lives in some alternate reality where there is no tension, she can’t press in and press through like you…your ideal self is not your most influential self.”

And after reading that, my grumbling was met with a sigh of relief. I was reminded that my vulnerability in my messy unfinished story has the same kind of power that I believe my ideal self has, if not more.

My heart for our spring conference and for you as women is to pursue your actual selves. Your actual self WITH grace, WITH compassion, WITH courage, WITH Jesus. And then to let us walk with you.

Together, let’s practice being present with our stories and practice courage in sharing it with others. Actual you is wanted. Actual you is beautiful. Actual you has something someone else needs to hear.

This year’s conference is going to be different, it’s going to be a new vision from Jesus focused on presence, courage, and story. I don’t want you to miss it.

Registration is open and there are a lot of fun surprises in store!
Register before February 9 for an early bird price!

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