I Need a Savior

April 8, 2015 | Written by

1I have tried to fix my own life
I can not do it on my own

I have tried to control my thoughts, my actions, my speech, my life
Lord have mercy on me

But at every turn I seem to fail
Hosanna, Save us

I need someone to make me new
Crucify Him

I am wrong, messed up, broken, and desperate
Hosanna, Save us

I have tried to be good enough on my own
Crucify Him

I am lost and lonely and empty inside
Hosanna, Save us 

I need something, someone to make me whole
By his wounds we are healed

I need someone to make me clean
By his stripes we are forgiven

I stand here in this place and say
I need a savior 

Because I need a savior
Crucify Him

 Written by Kyle Collins. Responsive reading idea borrowed from nailscars.com.

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