God feeds the 200. A modern day Bible story.

October 26, 2018 | Written by PRC Staff

Hi, my name is Megan Wood and I am one of the few people of our community that has been to Haiti.

Haiti is a wonderful country that has sadly been under some very harsh conditions. However, even so God has established a wonderful ministry there with so many great people. I am blessed to have seen his amazing work twice through two different trips, and I would like to share some of my experiences with you.

The Bible is full of amazing stories and miracles. When I was little I was always fascinated with these stories. But I was never really dumbfounded by any of them. They were all incredible stories, but none of them ever phased me.

Well, except one.

Do you remember the story in John 6? That story blew me away.

So, the story goes that Jesus is up on a mountain with his disciples, and a large crowd gathers around them, and he asked Philip, one of his despises, “How will we feed all of these people?” and Philip tells Jesus that “It would take years to save enough money for everyone here to have even a bite!”

But then a boy offers Jesus his lunch of 5 bread loafs and 2 fish to feed the almost 5,000 people. Then he and his disciples give the bread and the fish to the 5,000 people, and still have some to spare!

As a kid I never truly believed in this story. How does he split 5 loaves of bread to 5,000 people!? The story blew my mind, and I always thought that the story was over exaggerated.

But that frame of mind was all changed on my second trip to Haiti.

It was our third day there, and I had finally adjusted to the heat and the small kids that ran up to you and hold your hand. And O’boy I had better be prepared because that was the day we did kid’s club. So the kid’s club is a group activity were you basically have fun with 200 Haitian kids, read them a Bible story, and them eat with them.

So we were wrapping up the games and story time with the kids, and starting to hand out food, and I thought, “Surely our small team of 10 people can’t feed 200 kids. There’s no way.”

However, God always delivers, if he sent 200 kids to our kid’s club, then we were going to feed 200 kids. And sure enough, there were almost exactly 200 plates of beans and rice for all of the wonderful kids there.

That day I truly saw God’s power and witnessed how awesome He is. So maybe 200 kids is small to 5000 people, but I now have no doubt that God will always deliver.

I hope you enjoyed my perspective of Haiti and I encourage you to come and try Haiti out. If you feel God’s calling, don’t hesitate. We would be glad to have you on our team.

Written by Megan Wood
Megan is 13 years old and attends Pulpit Rock with her family. Megan has the desire to love Haitians as Christ has loved her.

If you are interested in joining our 2019 Haiti trip, contact Rebecca.

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