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October 1, 2020 | Written by Becky Giovagnoni

During this pandemic season, churches have had to get creative in the events they put on. It’s taken flexibility, ingenuity and a lot of good weather. Some events have transitioned to a pandemic world better than others. (C’mon … Virtual 5K? Not actually a thing.)

Anyway, last Friday the Generations team at Pulpit Rock put on something called a Family Block Party. I’ll just sum up the evening this way…

A BIG, HUGE kudos to our Gen team. They successfully created and pulled off an event that appeals to all ages … from preschool kids to teenagers to adults, abides by the long list of COVID safety requirements, and was the perfect blend of fun, messaging and depth.

Gold star for you, Gen team!

As we walked up, we were welcomed by name (impressive in its own right … have you seen our last name?!) with cheers and clapping, and handed a bag of supplies and directed to find a spot on the lawn. The warm air was filled with upbeat music, lively conversation and peals of laughter. The atmosphere was festive and celebratory.

We spread our blanket front and center. Our kids are still at the age where front and center is cool. 🙂

Then the games began. Winter gloves and wads of bubble gum. Paper plate pictionary on your head. And a competitive game show, complete with game show music and prizes. It was hilariously raucous.

Kids, teens and adults alike participated. It was truly a family affair. All outside, in the fresh Colorado air, safely socially distanced yet still social; interactive, yet no touching outside of family groups; competitive, yet friendly.

Here’s me, besting my 8-year-old in a staring contest…


Next we shared ice cream sandwiches. Our kids ran around with their friends and we enjoyed talking to other parents, basking in the warm, Colorado summer evening air and watching our kids have a blast together.

Then as the sun set behind the front range, popcorn was passed out and we settled in to watch Toy Story 4 on the big screen. (Again, couldn’t have picked a better movie to appeal to multiple generations.)

Seriously, the evening could not have been more perfect. Weather wise or otherwise.

Thank you, Gen team, for such a happy evening. What a gift.

Did your family miss this event? Good news! We have another Family Event coming up at the end of the month.

Join us on October 28th for The Great Family Pumpkin Event! Find all the info and RSVP here.

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