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June 24, 2018 | Written by

Over the past several months it has been clear that God has been bringing young adults to Pulpit Rock.

With the UCCS campus right next door and Colorado Springs being an incredible place to live and work, we want this place to feel like home and to make space for connections and community to happen.

We believe that we were created to take this journey together and that so much can be gained from listening and interacting with each other. We also know that life can look so different for this 18 – 30s age range, but we are definitely better together, no matter what your path holds.

So if you consider yourself a ‘young adult’ and are interested in developing these connections, we have two events coming up we want to let you know about:


This is a group for just out of high school – early 20’s.
Join us for a casual get together Sunday night, June 24th at 8 pm in the Student Center. Pizza, games, and community.
Questions? Contact Molly


Join us for lunch after service on July 1st. We’ll eat and get to know one another and talk about ways to develop further friendship.
Questions? Contact Brittany


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