SENT | Josiah Shipp | Bible Study with Friends

September 21, 2018

Josiah Shipp shares how a week at summer camp inspired him to lead his friends: I went to camp with Bible study every day and I liked it and it was fun, so I wanted to do my own. I made this 4-week camp that we started the last Friday of summer.

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SENT | Chris Giovagnoni | 719 Ride and Shield 616 Ride

August 24, 2018

Chris Giovagnoni shares how his cycling event is a way to celebrate the city: “I started associating the 719 Ride idea in my mind with the COS I Love You initiative because I felt like the ride was a way to say that I did indeed love this city.”

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SENT | Bob Waterman | CASA Advocate

August 17, 2018

Bob Waterman shares about serving as a CASA: “I continue to be amazed at how many children are in the custody of the Department of Social Services and to hear of the trauma that so many children have endured. God wants to rescue these children, let them know they are valuable and that He loves them.”

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SENT | James & Beth Shank | 4th of July Block Party

August 10, 2018

James and Beth Shank about their 4th of July neighborhood party: “People are longing for community, but rarely is someone willing to step-out of their comfort zone and approach their neighbors. They want community, they need community, they just do not know how to create community.”

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SENT | Kara Gowler | Teaching in Bolivia

August 3, 2018

Kara Gowler shares about moving to Bolivia to teach: “For the first time in my life, I consider myself planted until God tells me to move. I am ready to dig in and continue to build relationships with the people God puts around me.”

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SENT | Deb Pinyerd | Royal Family Kids Camp

July 27, 2018

Deb Pinyerd shares about volunteering with Royal Family Kids Camp: “Little Campers, Big Campers, Support Staff – we all are shaped and changed by this Camp. Working with these kids I have realized that even though our stories are messy, heart breaking and typically not fair, His hand is in it.”

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SENT | Asher Tuggle | Hurricane Relief in TX

July 20, 2018

Asher Tuggle shares about his time in Corpus Christie doing clean up from Hurricane Harvey: “It was amazing to see God using us to make an impression on the kids [and] give the worship leader hope for what his kids could grow into, just by us showing up and singing some songs with people we may never meet again.”

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A Street BBQ

September 14, 2015

We have another story to tell you about a small group service project. This one is about community. About starting new relationships. About stepping outside our front door and breaking down imaginary walls between neighbors.

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A Night of Ice Cream and Dancing

August 31, 2015

When our small group decided to do a service project together, we talked through the different things each of us had to offer. One of the couples on our small group used to teach East Coast Swing lessons to college students. My husband and I own an ice cream store in town. We thought, ‘There must be someone out there who needs ice cream and dancing!’

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