Where Real Happens

May 2, 2016

After attending the IF: Gathering in 2015, the ladies in my small group decided that one Sunday a month, we would meet at the IF: Table. We are messy and authentic, unguarded and hopeful, reliant on one another and accountable to one another. The Table has created this depth and Jesus has blessed the process.

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Small Dominoes

April 11, 2016

Several weeks ago, more than 150 women spent two days together connecting, learning, praying, laughing and worshipping at our second annual IF:Gathering. Here is what happened there.

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March 9, 2016

At Pulpit Rock we are honored to have a growing population of families who are somewhere on the journey of foster care and adoption. As a church, we want these families to know that they are seen and valued.

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A “Rest”imony

February 8, 2016

Many people think they don’t have a choice but to be busy. There are choices, they may just be hard ones! Here’s how one family is choosing to make rest a priority.

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IF:Local is Coming to Pulpit Rock

January 27, 2016

This 2-day gathering will bring women together from around the world to wrestle with belief that God is real, the places in our lives where we are struggling with unbelief, how can we overcome unbelief and then what God can do with our belief.

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The God of Our Tomorrows

December 14, 2015

I am heading into this holiday season with mixed emotions. I am joyful and sad at the same time … a tension I am not able to resolve.

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Not Everything Good is Easy

October 4, 2015

On Saturday September 26th, a dozen parents gathered at Pulpit Rock Church. We found ourselves instead gratefully connecting with other parents who could understand our lives and journey better than anyone else we’ve ever met. Sharing story with those who “get it” is an incredibly encouraging experience.

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On Grief

September 23, 2015

One of the hardest things about grief is that it hits everyone differently. You really have no way of knowing how it’s going to affect you until you’re in the midst of it. So it’s really, really hard to prepare.

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Diving Below the Waterline

September 9, 2015

At Pulpit Rock, we recognize that life is hard, messy and often overwhelming. The good news is God never intended for us to go through this messy life alone. He values community that comes through relationships. He created us to be in relationship with Himself and with each other. Enter Women’s Ministry…

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Women’s Ministry 2.0

August 19, 2015

As you know, our Women’s Ministry Leadership has spent this last year praying for God to give us a ministry where every woman can participate. God has answered our prayer!

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