Be Thou My Vision

December 7, 2017 | Written by

If we could see her real face, it (pornography, prostitution) would lose its appeal in a moment.
-Jonathan Cleveland

Be thou my vision.

My suspicion is that we don’t see things in this world as clearly as we think we do. Perhaps much that we think we know isn’t really as it appears. Maybe that beggar isn’t the lowest member of society. Maybe the words of hate spewed at us aren’t actually a cry of hate but a cry to be loved. And maybe that prostitute reveals God in a way our minds don’t allow us to see.

We don’t see things in this world as clearly as we think we do.
Maybe it is our vision that needs to change.

Maybe, just maybe it isn’t the world around us that needs to change. Maybe it is our vision that needs to change.

Be thou my vision.

How then do we learn to see, to really see?

I think the answer lies in connection with the One who does see clearly. Of course we can’t see clearly when our vision is clouded with our own understanding, our own personality, our own limited experiences.

What would happen if we connect with the One whose vision is not limited, but who sees all of eternity and all of creation from beginning to end? Is it possible for our vision to be cleared by the One who sees most clearly of all?

Be thou my vision, Oh Lord of my heart.

Oh Lord of my heart. Perhaps that is what it takes to have clear vision. Perhaps it takes a deep heartfelt cry for the Lord of the Universe to also take up residence in our very hearts. Perhaps it takes a longing, a hunger to see Him – both in us and in the world around us.

This is the cry of my heart. Be my vision oh Lord of my heart! Let me see as you see.

As that cry reverberates through me, and as I lean into the One who saves, I find that I actually do begin to see as Him. I see Him in the sad smile of the prostitute. I see Him in the anger of my son when a friend is treated unfairly. I see Him in the dark, lonely place my dear friend must sit alone.

He is there. And when my own vision is clouded, He comes to heal it. He becomes my vision.


Oh Lord, does Your heart break when You look at her? When you see her, do you see her broken glory and weep? Do you see her fragile soul and long for so much more?

I am made in your image.
I see her and my own heart breaks.
How much more must Yours?

Or… or do you see the glory hidden? The potential that will one day soar? The love that will flow forth?

Do you see all the Good in her and rejoice?

You – who created all things – You created her.
You – who know all things – You know her.
You – who see beginning middle and end – You see her.

Not just who she will become. You see who she is.

I see but a reflection of that. And so have made her my enemy.

I see my hurt, I ignore your grace.
I see imperfections, I turn from your glory.

Open the eyes of my heart, oh Lord, to see you.

Open my heart to her.

If my heart must be broken, break it.
If I must be undone, undo me.
If I must walk through the darkness, walk with me.

But let me see, Lord.
Let me see her in all her humanity.
Let me see You in all Your glory.

Let me see.

Written by Lindsay Rowe

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