Awaiting the Arrival

November 16, 2016 | Written by

arrival-449x700I recently saw the movie Arrival.

It tells the story of humanity’s first contact with visitors from another world. The encounter is filled with fear, confusion, and anxiety. Are these visitors friend or foe, givers or takers, helpers or threats?

It is an incredible movie, especially when we put ourselves in the place of people wrestling with the meaning of the first arrival.

As Christians, we celebrate the first arrival of a man not from our world … Jesus Christ. And his arrival was also marked with confusion over his purpose.

As Christ lived among us and taught, we began to see that he was a messenger from God, here to correct our misconceptions and allay our fears. As he died on a cross, we saw that he was willing to give everything for us. When he rose again from the dead, we began to understand that everything had changed and would change.

And we began the long journey of anticipating his arrival again.

With the passing years, we lose a sense of the mystery of the first arrival. We know how the story turns out—the baby’s birth announced by an angel leads to the announcement of an angel by an empty tomb. The cradle heads towards a cross. We forget the sense of anticipation of the men and women who waited lifetimes for the promise made in the garden to come true.

img_4319So return with us this Advent season, as we put ourselves back in the steps of those first followers of God, watching, waiting, wondering.

Through the use of liturgical readings, the colors and symbols, and the messages of anticipation, we revisit the wonder of Christmas.

To remember that with every wreath we can be reminded of God.
With every splash of green we remember new life.
With every holly we remember the crown of thorns.
With every purple Christ the King.

Written by Thomas Thompson

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