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December 13, 2022 | Written by Pam Eschner

Ask- a- Moms

On our recent visit to the UCCS campus to pass out cookies and hugs, the big highlight of the day was meeting a beautiful, sweet young lady. I waved her over and she listened to part of the conversation I was having with another student. When I asked what her plans were for the holidays, she said she was going home for Christmas but nothing for Thanksgiving…that her family didn’t even celebrate

Thanksgiving.  I said, I know it might be kind of weird, but would she like to come to my house?   My husband Brian and I had no plans and no one to be with.  I’d love a reason to buy a turkey!  She started crying and said, really?  I got excited and said it would make me so happy to have her company. Yes, I even told her I was safe since I am one of the moms, I hosted international students and I have been finger-printed!!  We both cried and hugged. I told her to invite a couple of friends as well.

It was an answer to prayer for both of us. I had been feeling sad about Thanksgiving. Everyone I had asked had somewhere to go. She even texted me before we left to thank me for talking to her!

On Thanksgiving morning, I went to pick her up at UCCS.  She told me she almost chickened out and I said I wondered if she might.  But since I was fingerprinted, she felt ok with it!!  She did ask a couple of others to come but they declined, so it was brave of her. She wanted to know when the moms would be at UCCS again, too. (She found out about our group from the school website and came looking for us that day!!) She had told me she would like to help cook!  She misses not being able to cook at her dorm.  We diced and sauteed and mixed…and had a nice meal.  She brought along a big log of cookie dough she had bought to make cookies.  So, while they baked, we played games and got to know her.

Her family doesn’t really talk and so she feels unknown and unconnected. Our daughter doesn’t talk to Brian and me much and we aren’t as connected as we’d hope to be. It was wonderful that God connected us all in ways that our hearts needed.  I just felt amazed that this bright young person wanted to hang out with us “old folks”!  This is what she signed in our guest book:

“Thank you for spending Thanksgiving with me. You two have made me feel at home which I haven’t felt in so long (even back home in Illinois). It made Thanksgiving worth something to me. I hope I can see you guys again soon, you’re just amazing.” 

We prayed over our meal and talked about the Lord some. We mentioned Pulpit Rock and that there are some students who do attend and that we would be happy to pick her up. That next Sunday, I sent her a text to say “Happy first day of Advent”…which led to us texting back and forth all day long.  We talked about Christmas plans and when each of us was leaving.   She said she hopes she gets to see us before that;  we made plans to see her before we leave!  Wow!  What a blessing and answer to prayer.  

So, you never know how God might use you…at UCCS or the grocery store or in your neighborhood or anywhere you go. Let’s pray and see what God has in mind.

If you have sent a child off into the world and are interested in learning more about the Ask-a-Moms and what they do on campus, please reach out to Caitlin Garrett. 

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4 thoughts on “Ask -a- Moms Ministry”

  1. Aunt Pam,
    What an awesome story! That’s just like you to open your home! You’re such a godly, beautiful, and lovely lady! May the Lord continue to bless you as you share your home in hospitality! I love you!

  2. What a great story, Pam! Praise God for His faithfulness leading her to you and bless you for your faithfulness! I can’t wait to hear more to this story.

    • I agree. I am happy to say that Pam is my daughter-in-law and I am also a recipient of her thughtfulness and love. And she takes such good care ov my sweet son Brian. Erna

  3. Great job, Pam and Brian,

    Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, you reached out. And you were blessed and so was the young lady. We thank God for you.

    Charley & Sherry Campbell in Senegal


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