A few days away from CityServe!

October 2, 2023 | Written by Rowland Smith

We all know about Jesus’ commission to his disciples [us] to be “sent as the Father sent me” (John 20:21). Often times it can be hard to figure out how to be sent into our culture, our world, our city, and be good news and light to others. CityServe, through CosILoveYou provides a perfect way to try on those missional shoes and engage our city in different ways.

In order to be a “sent” follower of Jesus as he asked, we have to do a few things:
– Make time. This is hard in our culture, but we have to intentionally make space for our sentness in our calendar.
– Risk something unknown. It can be scary to go somewhere with new people and new experiences, but remember God is already at work and we are just joining him.
– Be a servant. This seems obvious, but these CityServe projects are built around the church serving our city and our neighbors.
Won’t you jump in as a “sent” person of the kingdom on October 6 and/or 7? We have links to our four project partners below, but there are hundreds of projects around our city and you can find something that fits your interests and or family makeup. Most shifts are only about three hours and it will pay huge dividends in the life of our city.
Love Your Neighbor Woodshop: (Sorry, already full)
General CosILoveYou CityServe list: https://serve.cosiloveyou.com/Projects/Event/7
We hope to see you there!

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