Have you seen a baseball player hit a walk-off, game-losing home run? Well, it can happen in recreational softball (I’ve had first-hand experience). Are you interested in being a part of such excitement and unpredictability? Would you like to build relationships with other men at church who share the same hobby?

Colorado Springs has a men’s competitive church softball league and Pulpit Rock has participated for over 10 years.

I have had a ton of fun playing and have made some great friends on the field (even with guys on other teams!) The same is true for my wife and daughter who attend most of the games.

Here are some details to help you decide if you want to play:

  • Games are played on Saturday mornings in May and June. We usually play 2 games each week and typically play between 14-18 games in a season (including a year-end double-elimination tournament). Games are played at Cottonwood Park (Dublin and Rangewood).
  • Cost is typically $60.
  • The league was intended to be “competitive”, but experience varies across the teams. Our desire is to find players that are solid – they can safely make routine plays in the field and get a hit most of the time. They know the basics of game rules and strategy.
  • It would be great to field a second team, but we need someone to manage that team. Management includes building the weekly lineup, collecting dues, attending 1-2 coaches meetings, and facilitating the acquisition of team jerseys. If you would like to manage a second team, please let me know ASAP.
  • If no one volunteers to manage a second team, we will keep just one team (approx 13 players) and priority goes to the guys who played last season.

If you are interested in playing, email me at yostatbat@gmail.com and also let me know if you want to manage a 2nd team (or just want to talk about it first).

Written by Adam Yost


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