We have all seen the images of waters rising in Houston, and we are devastated for the people living there.

Often in tragedy we wonder how best to respond. We pray, we reach out, we look to God for hope. But we also want to find practical ways to help.

In these disasters, finding the best places to give is crucial.

At Pulpit Rock, we try to curate the best options for our people to give financially. While it seems that many options are out there to provide food and water to Texas, one of the biggest needs in a crisis is spiritual.

PastorServe is an organization committed to the support of the shepherds of the flock—local church pastors who can continue to serve where they are. This is a great opportunity for us to shepherd these shepherds.

Check out more in this letter from PastorServe’s Wade Brown.

My heart has been breaking the past 48 hours. Watching the images from Houston and the Texas coast has brought tears to my eyes. Thirty counties are flooded. Thousands of homes are literally gone and FEMA reports that more than 450,000 have already been impacted. Tens of thousands are already homeless and that number is expected to significantly rise. Damage costs are expected to surpass Katrina.

This morning PastorServe was invited by Houston pastors, churches, networks, seminaries and denominations to come to the South Texas region to minister to pastors and ministry leaders in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Two of the largest churches in Houston requested our assistance. Reformed Theological Seminary Houston said, “It is with great anticipation of your potential ministry impact with pastors in post-Harvey Houston and coastal Texas that we invite PastorServe to come and minister!” Christ Evangelical Presbyterian Church has already offered to host our team when we travel to Houston. The number of invitations to serve Houston and south Texas continue to roll in. PastorServe will help.

I am asking for your congregation to support our efforts to care for pastors who have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

Pulpit Rock leadership has benefited multiple times from the ministry of PastorServe. Now we invite you to join us as we, in turn, help PastorServe as they support pastors in Houston.

To help those affected by the disaster in Houston, donate to PastorServe.


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