Sometimes the church speaks into the culture, and other times the culture calls out to the church. I believe right now our nation is seeing a reckoning. The #metoo movement has caused us to step back and stake stock of our culture. A culture where men have held the power. Where men are considered the norm and women are the lesser of the norm. In a new way, women are finding courage and a voice to speak up about some of the darkest parts of living in a world where men are in charge.

And for the most part, it is the culture, not the church, leading the way in shining light in the dark places.

This February, I want to serve us as your pastor by taking three weeks to talk about HER. About the women among us and especially how we Honor, Empower, and Release them as Jesus would.

  • February 4th: I want to help us understand the journey our church has been on as we hear the story of God through the women he honored, empowered, and released to lead.
  • February 11th: We will look at what Jesus would say about the #metoo movement, and how the church should respond to the issue of sexual violence and oppression.
  • February 18th: We are honored to have Deb Hirsch lead us. She is a speaker, church leader, and writer who has led churches and has worked in the field of sexuality for over twenty-five years. She will lead us in some candid conversations about these issues.

It was the way Pulpit Rock thought, treated, and spoke about women that helped convince me this was the place God was calling us to ten years ago. And I am so proud to see our ladies loving and leading with us as we help people journey with God.

I pray you are able to join us in February as we step into the beginning of a conversation about the church we want to be, the church we must be, if we are to carry Christ into a world desperate for hope and restoration.

Written by Thomas Thompson

We realize this topic will likely bring to light some buried hurt or pain from the past for some of you. We want to create space for you to be heard, where you can share your stories without fear of judgment or condemnation. We are committed to making Pulpit Rock Church a safe place for every person. Your stories are welcome here.

We have put together a list of resources for anyone who needs help processing sexual violence or harm.


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