One of the things we have experienced in our faith community is the power of the table. Conversations around a table allow more space for understanding, questions, clarifications, and even disagreements. That’s the power of the table—we talk WITH each other rather than AT each other.

So we wanted to have some conversations about topics and with people that are interesting and important. And we want to invite you to the table with us.

We hope these conversations spur conversations in your life, around your tables and these conversations would help us all live a story that is a little bit bigger.

Season 3: Politics

Welcome to the Table | &, not Or

Shifting to &, not Or gives us the ability to hold two things that seem in conflict. It allows politics to become discipleship when we express our position on an issue in a way that reflects Christ.

Welcome to the Table | False Choices

We often get trapped by false choices – we’re constantly told we have to pick a side. But, it’s okay to see things on both sides that reflect Scripture. Jesus refused to be put in a box by choosing a side. He let the Kingdom rather than the question drive His answers.

Welcome to the Table | Scripture as our Anchor

As believers, we want to be driven by the Kingdom and the Gospel in how we interact with our world… including politics. We must let Scripture anchor us rather than a political party’s platform, and we must remember that our security is ultimately found in the Lord.

Welcome to the Table | The Kingdom First

As believers, we already have a King. As we make decisions, we must remember that His Kingdom is independent of the ups and downs of this nation. So how do we approach voting in a Kingdom-centered way?

Season 2: Kingdom Life

Welcome to the Table | Identity

It’s easy to anchor our identity in what we do, what we have, and what we desire. But that is not all of who we are. How can we hold on to the security of having a primary identity rooted in Christ? An identity that is not dependent on our performance or the season of life we’re in.

Welcome to the Table | Kingdom

The Kingdom is coming. God is at work all around us. We can be part of that work by displaying the Kingdom through who we are and who God created us to be in the world.

Welcome to the Table | Partners

We can’t do it alone. We need fellow believers alongside us as we seek the purposes of God and chase after the Kingdom together. Are we seeking relationships that are centered around what God is calling us to?

Welcome to the Table | The Kingdom Life

Identity. Victory. Kingdom. Partners. We are focusing on these four words as we pursue Kingdom culture. We believe this Kingdom is worth leveraging everything we have to pursue, and we hope you’ll embrace that lifestyle with us!

Welcome to the Table | Victory

To have victory, we have to receive what we don’t have from the God who loves us. We have to be vulnerable, for His power is made perfect in weakness. Being vulnerable and admitting our shame and brokenness lets us embrace our new identity in Christ.

Season 1: Changes

Welcome to the Table | Biblical Illiteracy

Changes in our culture are leading to growing Biblical illiteracy, less awareness of cultural context and a general misunderstanding of the purpose of the Bible. This is an opportunity for the Church to reintroduce the Bible in new ways.

Welcome to the Table | Changes

The world is changing fast. Once of the challenges for the Church as the world changes is to not hang onto the past but to allow Jesus to lead us into something new.

Welcome to the Table | Kids Exposure to Content

The changing culture has drastically changed the way that kids are exposed to harmful content and the brokenness of our world. How do parents navigate this change?

Welcome to the Table | Tribalism

We have become a segmented culture. Our world is full of mindsets that conflict with our own. How do we reconcile those tensions in our culture and rise above the tribal mindset to become people of unity?