Walk to Jerusalem

Engaging body, mind and spirit during Lent.

The distance from Colorado Springs to Jerusalem is 6,919 miles.

We want as a church to walk those 6,919 miles. We will begin our journey on March 10 with the goal of reaching Jerusalem by April 21, Easter Sunday.

What do you think … can we walk 173 miles a day? (That’s 1,211 mile per week!)

What is it?

The Walk to Jerusalem is a collaborative event that encourages our church community to increase physical activity, spiritual growth and cultural awareness through a virtual walk to Jerusalem.

Everyone can participate!

Anyone can participate regardless of your age or physical fitness level. In fact, we encourage you to make it a family activity!

What counts?

All types of exercise counts. You’re probably already doing some of these things! Be creative.

  • Miles for Miles (1 mile = 1 mile)
    Walk. Run. Hike.
  • Minutes for Miles (15 activity minutes = 1 mile)
    Zumba. Cycling. Crossfit. Skiing. Sports team practice. Fitness classes. Weight training. Swimming. Etc.
  • Steps for Miles (2,000 steps = 1 mile)
    Use your fitness tracker.

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Let's do this!

Time until Easter:

How close are we?


We have walked 6,520 miles to Jerusalem. 399 more to go!

Why are we doing this?

When God created us, he made us body, mind and spirit. We care as much about physical health as we do about mental and spiritual health. This walk is a way to engage your body in regular exercise as you reflect on the spiritual significance of the season of Lent.

Log your miles.

Use the link above to log your miles. You may also drop a note in the Giving Box on Sunday with your name, activity you completed (walking, running, biking, steps, physical activity-workout, or other), total mileage, total steps, and/or total time.

Be sure to check out the display in the Gathering Place for our progress!