The sad events at the southern border.

June 20, 2018 | Written by

As the people of Jesus we think deeply and differently about all issues, we pray, and then we act.

There is an abundance of horrible things happening in our world. These last few weeks have shifted the attention of our nation to the sad events at our southern border.

I wanted to offer some thoughts and a suggestion for us as the people of God. Please feel free to disagree with my opinions (I’m going to do my best to offend everyone a little bit😊) but my hope is that while our opinions may differ, we can have a unified response… after all, that is what sets us apart as the family of God.

If you are supportive of what is happening at the border:
I challenge you to immerse yourselves in the words of Jesus – at least as much as you listen to the news. (Start in Luke 10)

In my opinion, common decency would suggest that it is a bad idea to use children and families as pawns on the chessboard of a political agenda. But my opinion doesn’t really matter. On this issue, Jesus is clear – we should treat these children (and their parents) the way we would treat our children. While they may be illegal immigrants, they are neighbors. And as much as we are able, we should treat them as OUR neighbors. As followers of Jesus, our first allegiance is to the Kingdom of God. His kingdom has no borders, just neighbors. And while the cost of being a neighbor is often high, there is no other option for people who follow Jesus.

If you are opposed to what is happening at the border:
I challenge you to stop talking about poor people and do something. (I would encourage you to immerse yourself in the minor prophets or the book of James)

In my opinion, many of us have mistaken having a well formed opinion with helping people. But Jesus would challenge us to act. When issues like this arise in our culture, I often wonder what would happen if organizations who help poor children had just $1 for every post, tweet or like about poor children. They would have hundreds of millions of dollars this summer, and poor children around the world would be much better off. The poor can’t eat our righteous indignation.

If you care about this issue, and if you are angry, let me encourage you to do two things:

      1. Leave the country and meet the poor – Love is not a general well wishing for a group of people. Real love is always connected to a name and a face. Our church hosts trips every year. Go on one.
        Alternatively, if you’d like to help poor families without leaving the country, sign up for something like Care Portal (Email Kristina for more info.)
      2. Give money to good organizations – there are so many groups that are actually helping in substantial ways. Give a dollar for every time you watch the news. Give a dollar every time you post about this issue. Give a dollar every time you like someone else’s post.

      Here are a few of my favorites:

    Wherever we land on this issue, I want to remind us we are the people of Jesus. And that means we take our cues from him before we take our cues from any political party, or social media pundit. As the people of Jesus we think deeply and differently about all issues, and we pray, and we act.

    I want to encourage you to think and pray. And most of all to partner with people who are changing the world, not just talking about it.

    See you Sunday.

    Written by Jonathan Cleveland


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