Mike & Heather Gudahl

PRiSM 56 Directors

What do you do at Pulpit Rock?
It is an honor to co-direct PRiSM 56, the 5th and 6th grade student program at Pulpit Rock.  Together, we get to serve the amazing students and their families in this unique stage of life.  We facilitate curriculum, small groups, activities, and opportunities for community all with the support of the most incredible volunteers and the PRC generations team!

What did you do before you joined our staff?
Since our children were young, we have both had active volunteer roles in children and student ministries to include leading student small groups, and teaching students.  Heather has also been involved in women’s ministries.

Additionally, Mike works for Colorado Springs Utilities as an analyst.  Heather works as an educational assistant at Carver Elementary in D11.

An interesting thing about you is…
Heather is an adventure addict!  She enjoys white water rafting/tubing, zip lining, skiing, roller coasters, and tackling difficult hikes.

Mike enjoys listening to audio books, playing video games & table top role-playing games, and watching movies.

What do you like to do in your free time?
We value spending time with each other and with our two kids, Braidyn (14) and Jonah (12).  Though our interests vary, we enjoy board games, catching a movie, venturing out into the mountains, or going to the zoo together.