The story of God can be found in the stories of His people.

Keep Calm and Ask a Mom

Eight moms from Pulpit Rock spent a year loving the students at UCCS through a unique partnership with CRU. Thousands of cookies, hugs and advice lead to a hugely successful inaugural year. And there’s space for you!

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A Spring Fling

At an age where many kids tend to be more focused on themselves, our amazing group of AWANA T&T girls and boys found a way to care for others by hosting a “Spring Fling” at Summit Glen, a local senior living center.

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Staff Transitions

God has given us some amazing people at Pulpit Rock. Jonathan highlights just a few of those people and how they have transitioned so that you can be in the know.

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Where Real Happens

After attending the IF: Gathering in 2015, the ladies in my small group decided that one Sunday a month, we would meet at the IF: Table. We are messy and authentic, unguarded and hopeful, reliant on one another and accountable to one another. The Table has created this depth and Jesus has blessed the process.

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The Kingdom to Come

The bond that the town and church of Boquillas and Pulpit Rock have forged over our years partnering with one another is a reflection of the Kingdom to come. Here is a quick recap of our most recent visit.

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Raising a Princess

This world is horribly hard on girls, and our culture screams its destructive messages at the top of its lungs. But our students at Pulpit Rock have another message to share with our daughters.

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