Christmas Offering 2018

We are calling this Christmas offering VENTURE. It means "a daring and risky journey or undertaking." There is an element of risk with all of these projects. But we also chose that word because it makes us think of venture capitalists. These are people who invest in small businesses or products, and help get them off the ground until they thrive. In a sense, with the Christmas offering we get to be like spiritual venture capitalists – we get to invest in the visions that God has put in other people’s heart and then watch them thrive.


Goal: $200,000


The first $100,000 will go outside of our walls.


Missional Expressions Fund | $20,000

We want to set up a $20,000 fund to invest in local efforts to cultivate the Kingdom of God in Colorado Springs. God is doing some incredible stuff in our city through all sorts of people and he has put us in a position to help. It’s crazy what God can accomplish when we stop caring who gets the credit. We will identify people who are alerting people to the Kingdom of God in Colorado Springs, come along side them and invest in their ideas. Think of us as “spiritual venture capitalists.”

Refugee Lighthouses in the Middle East | $40,000

Pastor Mohammad Yamout is a Lebanese pastor who has stepped into the refugee crisis in the middle east. Pastor Mohammad started setting up Lighthouses – centers for learning and community in the heart of large refugee settlements.  They give him a forum to talk about Jesus with refugees and bring some dignity to people who have lost everything. We want to raise $40,000 to help him set up 2-3 more of these Lighthouses in Iraq and Yemen.

Support Our Friends at the Exodus Road | $40,000

We love the Exodus Road - they work with local authorities all over the world to find and free people caught in sex trafficking. They’ve been bringing what they do to the U.S. to step into the trafficking problem right here in our own country.  What we want to do this year is raise $40,000 to help them hire a full time investigator who will be embedded with a Human Trafficking and Exploitation Unit with the police department in Arizona.


The second $100,000 will help us retire our mortgage.


Yes, you read that right. We are within striking distance of being debt free as a church!

Remaining on our mortgage is about $770,000. Based on our current budget will have that paid off in four years. We want to accelerate that plan so we can free up more money for missional ventures. When we pay off this mortgage, we have no plans to build another building. So all that money will be freed up to invest in ministry outside our walls.