Love Your Neighbor

You are seen. You are known. You are loved.

How it all started...

Luke Wrobleski started the Love Your Neighbor team when he got a few people together, loaded up a truck with fence supplies and fixed fences after they were blown down by the 100+ mph winds in January, 2017.

Soon after, he realized he was in a position to use the gifts God has given him to reach out and bless others.

The Love Your Neighbor (LYN) team initially worked on projects for homeowners that could not afford to hire a trade specialist. The team has built a deck, a wheelchair ramp, remodeled a kitchen, fixed fences, pulled weeds, installed stoves, washers and dryers, delivered dressers and even replaced a vehicle radiator.

The LYN team is made up of volunteers with specialties in many different areas as well as those that are just willing to show up and help as needed.

Bunk beds

In mid-2018, the team started to make bunk beds for kids in El Paso County.

It quickly became apparent that this should be the primary focus for the LYN team. Partnering with CarePortal to find kids that need a bed to sleep in, LYN is regularly building, delivering and assembling bunk beds for the kids that need them most.


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We brand every slat with “You are seen. You are known. You are loved.”

From the team

Every bunk bed we make is branded with something we hope rings true in every kid’s heart for a long time. The words “You are seen. You are known. You are loved.” are branded on each slat under the mattress. Some of the kids come from very rough situations – we are happy to be a small part in God’s bigger story for their lives. We don’t think kids will sleep on the floor in Heaven. We don’t think they should have to sleep on the floor here either.

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