For our Middle School Winter Camp, Snowbound, we had to provide a work crew to serve in the dining hall and kitchen all weekend. Each church brings a work crew and this is how the camp sustains the ability to feed 300+ middle schoolers for three days.

Work crew at Snowbound has quite the reputation for being fun, meaningful and HARD work. I offered this opportunity to the girls on our Student Leadership team and boy, did we have an impactful weekend serving together!

These girls are amazing!❤️

Maybe I am one of the guides God has written into their stories, but they each are most certainly one of the teachers that God has written into mine. These girls served circles around me and other work crew members who were twice their age. Their maturity and servant hearts were evident.

These Daughters of Day are the heart of PRiSM. They lead and influence our group with the grace and beauty I want every teenager at Pulpit Rock to connect to. And I have watched them find themselves as they have given themselves away in service to our ministry and our church.

Even when surrounded all weekend by dirty dishes from 300 middle schoolers, they are clothed with STRENGTH and DIGNITY and they LAUGH without fear of the future! So much fun and laughter happened while we worked this weekend.

I can’t thank them enough for everything they gave this weekend and continue to give PRiSM and Pulpit Rock Church.

They are not princesses at all, they are warriors.

Suzy Bates

Student Ministry Pastor

This experience meant so much to me. Although we didn’t get to participate in a lot of the spiritual aspects, we worshipped in another way – by serving others. It was so much fun to serve along side these girls, but also with other churches. I loved seeing the joy on kids’ faces when their food was brought out and when they were offered as much food as they wanted. Even though everyone was tired, we pushed through to set up and get ready for the next meal. It was so much fun and I am so thankful that we got this opportunity. There will be so many memories to take away from this trip, and I feel like I’m much closer to all the girls who went and I have made deeper connections with them. I love being an inspiration to others; but most of all Suzy, Becca, Becca, and Jesi are inspiring to me.

McKenna Tinan

11th grade, Rampart High School

This weekend was incredible! I had no idea that washing dishes all day could be so rewarding! It was amazing to see a middle school retreat from the other side and to see how much work went into it. I had so much fun with the PRiSM girls and we definitely bonded over the hard work. We also got to meet many other teenagers and adults from different churches that had also come to worship God through serving. I’m so thankful for this experience to serve God and middle schoolers in a way that I’m not used to.

Becca Shorey

10th grade, Thomas MacLaren School

This past weekend was an amazing opportunity to worship through serving. I honestly enjoyed the hard work because I knew how much it meant to the middle schoolers from our church and from churches all over Colorado. For me it was a new experience seeing a retreat from the other side, and it is one experience I will never forget. I am beyond thankful that I got to work with Suzy, McKenna, Becca, and Becca. I was blown away by how they handled everything they were asked to do, I couldn’t have asked for a better team. Overall this weekend was such a blessing!

Jesi Smoot

12th grade, online

I too am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to help this weekend! I am overwhelmed by the power of serving, both benefiting myself and others. Washing dishes is never the first thing I think of when I want to have fun but this weekend flipped those expectations upside down. We danced and laughed and scrubbed together. It was incredible to see how 300 middle schoolers could be served with meals, cleaned up after and that 300 plates, 300 forks and knives and hundreds of other dishes could be washed and put away in a matter of hours when we were all working together. The power that God has to bring us together to be a part of this really blows me away. I am so thankful for the best group of people to be with through this experience and feel blessed by God’s power in orchestrating this.

Becca Rugg

10th grade, Coronado High School

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