The net captures the symbolism of Jesus as the fisher of men.

About a year ago, I had a friend send me this article on Facebook about a prayer net.

As I read the article I kept thinking, “What a powerful visual and tangible reminder of our prayers this can be!”

I have been focusing on prayer once a month with our kids and leaders in Kingdom Kids during our large group worship time. Prayer is such a crucial part of worship and our personal relationship with the Lord that I want to make sure our kids know they can worship God through prayer anywhere, anytime and that he hears them.


The prayer net is a tangible way for children to understand prayer.

As I explained our prayer net to the kids and leaders on Sunday, I encouraged them to tie a string onto the net with a specific prayer in mind. Then as they come into this room every week, they will be reminded of their prayer by their ribbon. They can continue to pray for that request or even remember how God answered that prayer and praise Him for it.

My hope with this prayer net is that God will use it to begin conversations with kids and their leaders, parents or friends about prayer. Whether it’s how God answers prayers or what those answers look like, kids will be able to remember and process with those who are in positions of influence in their lives.

Will you join me in praying for these kids as we dig deeper into their understanding of God and their relationship with Him?

Written by Katie Beth Huntley


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