Sons of light and daughters of day, be generous with your lives.

High School and Middle School Program


Sunday | 10:15 AM | Student Center
community building, engaging teaching series, worship, fun and games


Wednesday | 6:15 – 7:45 PM | Student Center
gender/grade specific small groups led by team of 20 adult volunteers

Pursuing the Slow Fixes

Trying to teach teenagers about the Bible in a school setting has been my most difficult calling because the idea of Jesus as a friend is ironic. There’s a lack of loyalty and depth in friendships among our youth, so why would Jesus be any different?

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Thursday Serveday

How many teenagers do you know that would spend an afternoon each week loving and serving younger kids? Talk about role models. Our teenagers at Pulpit Rock are NOT the norm, church.

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We need to talk.

We see things happening in society that we don’t understand and they impact the way we react and protect our own families. We put up walls around our families and do everything we can to isolate ourselves from society and the problems that we see. We cannot do that in Colorado Springs. Our city needs us. Our children need us.

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