You don’t have to be great at marriage, you just have to be great at YOUR marriage.

What is Marriage Coaching?

Marriage Coaching is a ministry to couples at Pulpit Rock Church. It is for all marriages – from those who have been married many years, to newlyweds, to couples engaged to be married. You and your spouse will be paired with another couple who has been trained to walk with you, guide you through the varied terrain of married life and intentionally invest in your relationship. With the help of your marriage coach, your marriage will grow in strength, joy and purpose, discovering God’s purpose for you as a couple.

The Purpose of Marriage Coaching

All marriages have opportunities for growth and are capable of fulfilling God’s purposes in life for man and woman as a married couple. All marriages also have the potential for disaster. The purpose of Pulpit Rock’s Marriage Coaching Ministry is to build, grow and strengthen marriages by uncovering, exploring and developing the unique relationship that each couple possesses. Marriage Coaching is not a “program” that a couple is “plugged into.” Rather it is a two-on-two relationship with a coaching couple who has been specifically trained to help discover and build the strengths of a marriage and understand and exercise areas that are opportunities for growth.

Is Marriage Coaching for You?

Everyone on Pulpit Rock’s Marriage Coaching team is passionate about marriage, both their own and others and are committed to the time, effort and prayer that goes into the work of coaching.  Our coaches ask you for openness, transparency, a teachable spirit and a positive attitude about investing in and enriching your marriage. Because transformation requires not only information but community and time, we ask you to commit a full year to the coaching process.  (For engaged couples we ask for the time up to your wedding and a year following.)