“We don’t love our neighbors because we want them to become christians, we love them because we are christians.”
–Thomas Thompson

Recently, Colorado Springs experienced record-breaking winds. Wind gusts reaching over 100 mph caused a lot of damage to our city. The powerful gusts uprooted trees, overturned semis, toppled fences and a lot of people were left wondering how they were going to repair their property.

As I read news stories and saw posts on social media of the damage, God pushed me to reach out to single mothers and families with deployed spouses.

Jesus tells us that we should love our neighbors as ourselves. (Mark 12:31)

fence-2I gathered a small group of volunteers and we did exactly that – we came together to help with some cleanup and fence repair.

As we were finishing up for the day, all of us were left wanting to help more – to do more – to love our neighbor more.

Through this experience, God sparked something that we hope will catch fire.

As our senior pastor, Thomas Thompson, said on Sunday, sometimes it is hard to apply the Bible to our everyday life.

That’s why we’re excited about launching the PRC Love Your Neighbor program! We’re hoping this program will make it easy to apply what Jesus describes as the second greatest commandment – loving your neighbor.

This is a tangible way for our Pulpit Rock family to regularly love our neighbor. We want to bless single mothers and military families with deployed spouses by offering our time to help with projects around the house – fixing a fence, replacing a faucet, hanging shelves on the wall, assembling furniture, changing the brakes on a car, painting a room, patching drywall, mowing the lawn … the list goes on and on.

Can you offer your time one Saturday every month to bless your neighbor? We need volunteer crew leaders and crew members.
The leaders would need to have some basic handy-man knowledge and be comfortable leading out on a project.
The members really just need to be willing to offer their time and be able to take direction from a crew leader.

Do you need help with a project? Does someone you know need help?
Please share this information with anyone and everyone you know that would be blessed to have some help with a project.

Whether you need help or want to volunteer, start by getting in contact with me, Luke Wrobleski.

  • Email me at a neighbor@pulpitrock.com or send me a message on our Facebook page.
  • Also I will have a table set up in the Gathering Space on February 5th and 12th with more information on volunteering and submitting a request for help with a project.

I am really excited to see what God does with this program and the lives we are able to impact.

Written by Luke Wrobleski

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